The Reefing of a Caisson

      Nico Simone, crew member on the VINIK NO. 6, caught the final two minutes of a caisson about to be reefed into the Cape May Reef.

      Mike Vinik caught crew members on the caisson and the stern of the VINIK 6, the day before.

      A caisson is a vessel built for use in underwater construction. The top of the vessel is sealed but he bottom of the vessel is open to the water. Air is captured, like an inverted glass in water, so that a pocket of air is created to permit workers to breath air in the pocket without extra breathing apparatus, or in this case "the caisson is more similar to a lock. Itís a floatable wall to be removed to keep water out of a graving dock."

      Nico's 2 minute mp4 clip was recorded 8.5 nautical miles south-east of Cape May, NJ, at the Cape May Reef. This caisson joins dozens of vessels sponsored by dozens of companies which have already been reefed.

      Click on the image to go to the clip.

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