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Title:    "The Liz Vinik Head to Head with The W. O. Decker"
Date:    26th Annual Tugboat Race & Completion Pictures, Sept. 9, 2018
Photographer:   A. Azzolino
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Title:    "Red Sky at Night"
Date:    June 23, 2018
Location:    Headed west on the Raritan River
Photographer:   Capt. Mike Vinik

Title:    "Dawn on the Upper Bay"
Date:    May 22, 2018
Photographer:   Capt. Mike Vinik

Title:    "End of the Day"

  Photographer:   Capt. Mike Vinik
Barge Transportation
  Photographer:   Capt. Mike Vinik
Fireworks Security Boat with Fireworks in the Background

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