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Title:    "Januray on the Hudson, Thin Ice Hugging the Shore"
Date:    January 16, 2019 on the North River (Hudson River), New York
Photographer:   Capt. Mike Vinik

Title:    A Wave, a Blow of the Horn, and a Snapshot to Capture the Moment"
Date:    January 2019 on the North River (Hudson River), New York
        Here the exchange is in Poughkeepsie, NY, between the crew of THE VINIK # 6 and Kevin Oldenburg.
Photographer:   Kevin Oldenburg,
        Kevin's work may also be found on Facebook group "Tugs on the Hudson River."
    "Southbound on the North River," 12/29/2018, Capt. Mike Vinik, aboard the VINIK NO. 6
    "Towards Manhattan and the East River," 9/29/2018 , Capt. Mike Vinik
    "Season's Greetings," 12/2018 , Andrew Beaird
"The LIZ VINIK Head to Head with The W. O. DECKER," 9/9/2018, A. Azzolino, also visit:
      Liz Vinik 2018 Tugboat Race Crew       2018 Tugboat Race Review of the Day
    "Red Sky at Night,"6/23/2018, Headed west on the Raritan River, Capt. Mike Vinik
    "Dawn on the Upper Bay," 5/22/2018, Capt. Mike Vinik
    "End of the Day," Capt. Mike Vinik
    "Barge Transportation," Capt. Mike Vinik
    "Fireworks Security Boat with Fireworks in the Background"

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